VIP Tour Diego Rivera’s Murals

Diego Rivera was one of Mexico’s most famous painters. He rebelled against the traditional school of painting and developed a style that combined historical, social, and political ideas. His great body of work reflects cultural changes taking place in Mexico and around the world during the turbulent twentieth century.

As a young artist, Rivera spend several years in Paris hanging out with other talented painters such as Pablo Picasso. He was an artist all of his life, but his time in Paris was instrumental to the direction of his famous frescos in the US and Mexico.

San Francisco is home to three of his masterpieces including the first one he finished in the United States. Even though they are often referred to as murals, they are actually frescos. The difference is that frescos take a special skill set and are difficult to create, but the vibrancy of their colors lasts forever.

Tour Schedule

  • City Club – Allegory of California (Lunch)
  • SFAI – The Making of a Fresco
  • City College of San Francisco- Pan American Unity
  • SFMOMA – Spotlight Frida Kahlo’s painting – Frieda and Diego Rivera

project details

Activity: VIP Tpur Diego Riveras Mural

When: Friday May 3rd

Where: Meeting point at SF City Club

Time: 1 pm

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