Art Studio Krytzia

Krytzia evoques the elements-including earth, sand, leaves and debris-in her very large format paintings, expressing her passion for nature through texture and movement.

Born in Mexico City, Krytzia studied art in Paris at the Atelier de Sèvres and Académie Julien. After returning to Mexico and marrying, she moved to Madrid where she joined the Studio of Manolo Arjona. Then came sojourns in Barcelona, Caracas, Mexico City again, back to Paris, then NY. Always curious, learning new techniques, joining workshops and painting alongside many artists she developed her own style.

She now lives in Northern California where she has found new sources of inspiration.

The bright light, the transparency of the water and wind, the sand and rocks and the dualities of strength-frailty and abundance-scarcity.

project details

Activity: Opening Art Studio Krytzia

When: Friday May 4rd

Where: San Francisco

Time: 6 pm

Tickets: Free Tickets RSVP here

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