Latino Community Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Martha Soledad will sing at the afterparty Latino Community Foundation. She is an executive, enterprising and talented Mexican singer who is best known for her rancheras and corridos.

Latino Community Foundation was founded in 1989 under the premise of being an organization that would help Hispanics and Latinos. It has established the largest network of Latino philanthropists in the country. Their Latino Giving Circle Network unites people with a shared sense of justice and generosity. With over 440 members and 15 Giving Circles across the state, these individuals have pooled their collective resources, time, and talents to invest in Latino-led organizations that are creating opportunities for youth and families to thrive.

The bright light, the transparency of the water and wind, the sand and rocks and the dualities of strength-frailty and abundance-scarcity.

project details

Activity: After Party Latino Community Foundation

When: Friday May 4rd

Where: Fairmont Hotel

Time: 9 pm

Tickets: Get your Tickets

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