MUTEK will hold its first San Francisco edition that takes place May 3-8 2018. Founded in 2000, MUTEK, is an annual five-day event in Montreal that takes place in late May and early June. Each year, more than 100 artists, panelists, and industry professionals participate in what has become a leading event of its kind in North America, dedicated to the dissemination and development of digital creativity in sound, music, and audio-visual art. The MUTEK festival has presented many of electronic music’s most established figures, while providing a platform for numerous new talents who have gone on to build sustainable careers, often as a result of their appearances at the festival.  San Francisco, a rarified zone of technology and innovation, where immigration, permutation, intellectualism, and futurism come together, is a prime candidate for a MUTEK.

May 4th @Mezzanine – As a producer, DJ, and international radio host, DEBIT has been called “an impeccable talent” (i-D). She’s been an influential force in the Mexican experimental, electronic and club scene since 2012 and since relocating to New York in 2015, she has become an activate figure in the latino diasporas musical aesthetics and circuits.  Her production ranges from dance to ambient music and with an experimental approach, she works with blends of Latino and club beats, dramatic accents, baroque synths and polymorphous textures. Debit played the closing Moma PS1’s Warm up of 2017 and will play the inaugural edition of Mutek SF. DEBIT has done radio, performance and DJed alongside diverse contemporary entities throughout N & S America since 2010 including, Kode9, ARCA,  Ghetto Gothik, MIXPAK, Jubilee, Nick Hook & many other defining artists of our time. She co-hosted Oraculo with Riobamba at The Lot radio for over a year, where she continues to be involved. She is a Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Alumni from at Bonnaroo 2017. Her LP Animus was released thru Mexico City’s NAAFI in Feb 23, 2018, receiving critical acclaim within the international media. Noisey Español placed her as one of the top “20 hispanic artists to keep in the radar of 2018” .

May 5th @San Francisco Mint – Trece Cielos is an audiovisual artist from Mexico City whose primary focus is on illustration and digital animation. They possess a technical background in animation and uphold an experimental approach to storytelling, design and composition. Their worlds and explorations are hypnotic and drenched in a paranoid jouissance, teeming with sentient life-forms that defy their commonplace associations, in spheres without memory of humankind. Humour, magic and color are the substances that glue these worlds together. Trece Cielos has been actively making visual art for a decade, their trajectory is closely linked to the blooming underground scene in Mexico City.

May 6th @The Midway Gods & Monsters – Siete Catorce is the electronic music project of Mexican producer, Marco Polo Gutierrez, known for its aggressive hybridization of deep club sounds with tropical soundscapes and rhythms that have been hypnotizing dance floors in Mexico and all over the world; Pecco is a Mexican digital artist and an integral part of Tijuana’s underground art community whose work plays with the chaos of the visual language of the internet and digital/political culture utilizing the manipulation of digital information, live coding, and animation. The two artists are long-time collaborators through a series of parties held in Tijuana called Ruidoson and will be presenting their collaborative work for the first time outside of Mexico. ”

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Activity: MUTEK audio visual art

When: May 3-8

Where: SF Venues

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